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Astrology Charts: Alexandria and Kamala

Knowing that time is found from the amount of its movement in its sign and the remaining amount, each degree being taken for a year, each 5 minutes for a month and each 12 seconds for a day. The contrary to sect Mars in the 10 th of the accession chart is activated in accordance to its lesser years — 15, which is another concurrent testimony. The distributor indicates any fundamental problems during the period and of what type they are; the partner indicates the source of the problems, especially if it is in a bad condition.

The state of participator is highly problematic and has been causing trouble to put it mildly! Could it be this about to change in the near future? Transiting Mars as a contrary to sect malefic has just entered the bounds of Venus, moving very slowly on the way to its first station in the 28 th degree of Libra within three degrees of the primary directed ascendant, squaring mid-heaven of the accession chart even more exactly! When Mars wavers [ stationary, especially in its first station ] in the sign of the religion of a people, or in its opposition, and that year is near to the completion of the period of the acceder, his ruin is in that year.

Libra also happens to be the ascendant of the triplicity shift in AD which announced the new religion, Islam. From the point of view of the mid-heaven, a possibility of being violently overthrown by treachery, imprisoned? Will he manage to get re-elected this year? Schmidt Jupiter is very powerful as his heliacal rising phase occurred within seven days prior to the date, is in its sect and fast. The same is testified by the SR north node on the profected ascendant.

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Now to the mid-heaven. The place of its distribution in Cancer is cadent in the SR 9 th , but is again unimpeded by the SR malefics, which is good. The profected lord of the mid-heaven is the Sun unimpeded by any SR malefic but impeded by Mars in the accession chart!

Whichever of these is in a cardine or in a laudable and strong position, is the indicator of the acceder in that year. If it is free from misfortune and harm, especially coming from the lord of its 4 th , 6 th , 7 th , 8 th and 12 th places, this indicates his safety in that year.

In the SR chart , the term lord of the midheaven is Mercury and the lot of elevation, victory and prosperity is located in Libra in the 23 rd degree. The Sun is in the 9 th house. Mercury is still under the beams and retrograde though near its second station within 7days! However, the Aries ingress chart for the first quarter of is pretty problematic in its overall indications for the region as cardinal Libra on the ascendant necessitates 4 separate charts for every quarter of the year and Mars is in the 1 st house in both the spring and the summer quarters while the winter quarter, amazingly, again displays Libra ascendant!

But potentially the most dangerous indication pertaining to Assad, to reiterate, is Mars retrograde in Libra in the 1 st , in the bounds of the primary directed ascendant of the accession chart; lord of the midheaven, the Moon, is in its dejection in Scorpio and applying to a retrograde Saturn under the earth.

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The threat is further reinforced by the already mentioned repetition in the Cancer ingress of Mars on the ascendant in Libra is almost exactly on the ascendant of the accession chart. Capricorn carrying the strongest significations. The time of the appearance of the indication s in the case of earthy triplicity is either four or eight conjunctions after the shift. Mars will be stationary direct on May 21, so this could prove a dangerous period for the peace in the region — apart from his turning retrograde in the beginning of March along with Saturn!

The fighting is likely to take a turn for the worse i.

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The SR chart — The Sun from the SR 6th is in a partile, still applying square to that Mars without reception which is a very dangerous indicator for his authority. But theoretically, as the SR chart is nocturnal, the Moon should be given preeminence in examining the indicators of his safety in that year. It is sextile the Sun and opposed by Saturn. If his entrance was in the day…and if the malefic aspected the Sun, and the malefic were Mars and he were exalted above the Sun from the midheaven, and the Sun were in the ascendant in a movable sign, some one of the citizens of that kingdom will be turned against him who often terrifies him; or his end will be by means of death and killing.

After this look at the sign of the midheaven and its lord to see where he is and who aspects it and the lord of the midheaven…which if indeed the malefic were in the same place [the midheaven] he will find great difficulties in that work, and whatever he earned will be taken away from him through martyrdom and being bound up, and by being deposed in the anger of his king. And if a benefic aspected the midheaven and there were not a malefic in the same place, the work will be an advantage and good. Hard to imagine, but time will tell. Indeed if there were malefic in the same place [the 4 th ] , he will find evil and impediment after he is deposited from the work, with prison and martyrdom and punishment and in extended imprisonment.

Indeed if a benefic did not aspect the malefic which was in the 4 th , he will be conquered and undergo punishments, and he will die in that same prison. But if the lord of the 4 th were in the ascendant or in the 10 th or in the rest of the optimal places, cleansed of the malefic, and likewise the lord of the domicile of the Moon, it signifies the good end of the work.

It has been running under the opposition from Saturn since the beginning of January and will remain under his malign influence till the beginning of March. At the same time, the monthly profected midheaven meets SR Mars in Libra as well. Another one is 6 November — 4 December when monthly profection arrives in Aries and then the monthly profection in Libra 24 April — 22 May For, wherever it is in them, he meets disaster on the day of the lord of the sign in which it is.

If the Moon has a mixture with the lord of its place, it is surest and most true in its indication, especially if it is the house of a planet agreeing with it. In the revolution of the year , the Moon was in Libra, its lord Venus in Pisces. Whenever it may occur, some Friday is likely to be the day of reckoning for Al-Assad, the Lion of Damascus. Sahl bin Bishr instructs us to look at the ascendant, its ruler and the Moon. She is joining no planet and none of the planets is being joined to her so I turned to the Moon in Libra for supporting testimonies.

I think there are several important points to consider. The outcome — two days later, greatly relieved, the man sent me an SMS confirming the veracity of my judgment.

He also spoke about future global affairs culminating in WW 3 and his visions were recorded by his daughter Anna. Now what does he have to do with the horary chart delineated in this text? Well, he prophesied that not long after a great black leader has died, riots would erupt in South Africa, leading to a bloody civil war.

Mandela is represented by the ascendant in Taurus close to Algol , its lady Venus and the general co-significator, the Moon.

Astrological Chart for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez | Jessica Adams | Astrologer

Peregrine, occidental Venus in the 4 th in Leo with its twelfth part in the bounds of Saturn! For one, Venus being joined by the Moon in its own fall from the sign of her detriment by square is one reliable testimony. Both of these are perfected nearly in the same number of degrees — five and a half. I thought weeks would be most appropriate,but…. Four and a half months later, on 5 December, Mandela died — a month earlier than the number of degrees seemed to symbolize.

However, after inspecting it with greater care trying to squeeze the right moment out of it, actually! As 8 th house lord, he has the final say in the matters of death. Brice Taton sustained severe head and chest injuries when Toulouse football fans were attacked in the Irish Pub in central Belgrade by a strong group of hooligans armed with iron bars and baseball bats on September 17, Feeling sorry for the innocent victim of a ruthless, mindless mob I wanted to know whether there was any chance he could make it despite the heavy odds. The hour ruler was the Moon, which made the question radical.

Jupiter rules the ascendant in Pisces and is posited in the violent, fixed, humane sign of Aquarius in the 12 th , in aversion to the ascendant and retrograde. Jupiter is the natural co-significator of the 9 th which among other things symbolizes foreigners. The Moon itself is located in Scorpio the 9 th , denoting the same. Based on this, I expected the chart to correctly describe the outcome of the matter as well as its timing. Jupiter is joining no planet, so the primary testimony fell to the Moon.

It is separating from Jupiter and joining Mercury retrograde in Virgo, in the angle of the 7 th without reception. This is a very negative testimony for several reasons. Mercury is the lord of the 4 th , which has a strong signification toward death and is located in the 7 th , reinforcing the signification.